In the face of this problem, Zhou Qi did not hesitate: "I believe that as long as the effort, it will be able to play the ball, if not hit the ball, it shows that I have to progress as long as I can come to the NBA, sitting on the bench Yes, because only in this environment to carry out training I can continue to progress.Zhou Qi does not like two things Marian Hossa Jersey, one is unrealistic blind expectation blackhawks jersey cheap, the other is the wind rudder of the harsh criticism, but completely escape these two Attitude is almost impossible, so he chose to completely return to the stadium, when a simple and happy and effort of the ball crazy. James 2010 Baotuan was reviled by millions of people, but in the Heat using 4 finals and 2 championship wash white, can be described as fame and fortune, which gives a lot of people brought bad demonstration, so that they from the initial contempt Baotuan to recognition Baotuan. Durant is the most typical example, he was in the open against the Baotuan chicago blackhawks jersey for sale, said the old Thunder will be the end of life, the result was influenced by James, the most peak to the Warriors formed the Big Four. Paul was really shocked by the $ 225 million super contract, but it was not hard to see from his words that he was really happy for Harden, though they had not really played together, but they were already teammates chicago blackhawks jersey cheap, and Paul looked forward to And Harden with the campaign, with the dream, and strive to stand on the highest podium. Of course, Paul may also have some envy of Harden's big contract, he will become a non-restricted free agent next summer, is also expected to get a large contract of more than 200 million US dollars.