Real Madrid is not only the season the Champions League scoring the most powerful team, is also one of the most diverse means of attack, so Juventus very hard to prevent. Barcelona in addition to the short pass through the road, just by Messi and Nemal ball break, it is easy to Juventus focus encirclement died, Monaco is only sidewalk counterattack sharp and care regardless of the care, and Real Madrid not only three lines to maintain a very good distance, The Champions League before the 12 war 11 games of the defensive goal of the door is no longer exposed obvious loopholes, and pressure on the storm and recovery of the rhythm of the stick to the conversion Brian Gibbons Jersey, but also to have a degree of relaxation, which is Juventus before the Champions League did not encounter Too Corey Tropp Jersey. In the second half, Real Madrid completely occupied the advantage, 13 shots 4 shots into three goals, and Juventus only 1 shot. This data is enough to explain, it is to rely on the second half of the excellent play Justin Falk Jersey, Real Madrid finally won the game. Just 3 minutes after losing 2 goals, Juventus players lost a calm state of mind, Pianic, Sandro 5 minutes consecutive yellow card, off the bench in the 12 months Eat two yellow, dyed red. Full match, Real Madrid's possession rate of 56%, 18 shots 5 times shot into 4 goals, shooting conversion rate as high as 22.2%. C Luo the efficiency of this campaign is very high Curtis Mcelhinney Jersey, 6 shots 2 shots are averaging break, shot conversion rate as high as 33.3%, while the alternate appearance of Arsenio only shot to break the door.