Serie A team tactical discipline of football, the first half of the campaign Juventus also play a more reasonable and smooth, fast ball pass accurate, three lines from the compact offensive and defensive balance, in addition to Manzu Qiqi outside the fairy goal, a move all Such as textbooks as neat, and beat Barcelona when the same Blue Jackets Jerseys For Sale, so difficult to find Real Madrid defense flaws Jeremy Morin Jersey. But the second half of the situation mutiny, Real Madrid front before the pressure, high-intensity forced to oppress Juventus, before the goal in the Casimiro, defending champion has been completed on the ground three times a threat to fight the door, Brazil, , But Real Madrid is clearly the upper hand is also an indisputable fact, despite the edge of Allegri field jumping and shouting team formation before the pressure, but also to no avail, Juventus players can not keep up with tactical awareness, and for Zidane's team, as long as Continuous creation of the opportunity to score is a matter of course. Juventus opening storm, the first 15 minutes there are 3 shots, and until the first 20 minutes, Real Madrid have the first foot shot. The first 45 minutes, Real Madrid possession rate of 54%, 5 shots a shot is breaking, and Juventus 8 shots shot four times, shooting rate is as high as 50%. It is worth mentioning that Real Madrid campaign for the first time shot by the C Luo break, and the first shot of the campaign fired the same shot. The first half, Higuain, Pianic, C Luo have 3 shots, Manzaki Qi, Di Bara each have a shot, Benzema is 0 shot. Manzukic first half against the success rate Ryan Craig Jersey, tackle the success rate, shot rate is 100%, into a ball outside also created opportunities 2 times. Crows (93%), Casimiro (93%), and Islam (93%), Modric (90%) had more than 90% success in the first half James Wisniewski Jersey.