The first game of the ball crazy debut has a beautiful process, from the beginning of the adaptation and no ball right, to the subsequent adjustment, and then to the final stunning ending, although reasonable, but also unexpected. This process will certainly not end, and is likely to be repeated in a variety of ways to repeat the scene, may be the next Zhou Qi can only get 2 points, may be the beginning of the season after Zhou Qi really can not enter the rotation Stan Mikita Jersey, everything is possible The What is the concept of $ 228 million? Horizontal comparison Brandon Mashinter Jersey, only to know how horrible. So far, NBA active players in the ranks of the top four salary were Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki (242 million), Joe - Johnson (203 million), Anthony (201 million) and James (200 million). This means that Harden's salary in the next six years blackhawks jersey cheap, second only to Dirk Nowitzki's one-man career total salary, and more than any other player in the NBA active career total salary. In the summer league opener yesterday Glenn Hall Jersey, the Lakers to 93-96 loss to the Clippers, Ingram at the last minute injury, he left his teammates under the arm of his teammates, and for the sake of insurance, the Lakers decided to let Ingram hurry, absent The rest of the summer league game. Although it will not play in the summer league, but Ingram will still be in the Lakers summer league lineup, will still participate in training, he debut in yesterday's game 31 minutes, 17 shots in 9 to get 26 points in the summer league stage Ingram seems to be at ease.